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New: Syllabus & Class Links on GrandCentral

Instructors can now upload a syllabus document for any of their classes listed on EEE+ GrandCentral.

Enrolled students will see the syllabus available for download on their own GrandCentral class lists. Prospective students and others who may be looking for more information about a particular class can visit the Syllabus Browser. A UCInetID login is required to view these documents unless instructors choose to make them public.

Instructors can now also add links to their class listings in GrandCentral in order to provide their enrolled students with easy access to other web content that may be relevant for a given course.

The new syllabus and class links options can be found in the upper-right of a class’s listing on an instructor’s GrandCentral class list.

New: Download your EEE gradebook history

The EEE team has built a new tool so that instructors and teaching assistants can download archives of their gradebook data with just one click per academic year.

Get started here:

Many instructors have emphasized the critical importance of EEE Legacy GradeBook data so we have added this option to help retrieve and store copies of data that may be needed in the future, without needing to download each and every gradebook individually.

When downloading and storing this data, please be mindful of good security practices. For more information about working with student information, see:

There are multiple reasons we must move beyond EEE, some of which require that we either shut down the system in 2020 or risk significant security vulnerabilities. That’s a risk we cannot accept given the sensitivity of grades and other records stored on EEE. While we cannot retain and provide GradeBook data indefinitely, we are holding EEE GradeBook for the last phases of the transition project and closely monitoring Instructure’s efforts to build a new Canvas gradebook.

The current plan is to retire the EEE Legacy GradeBook in three stages:

(1) Current – EEE GradeBook and past data fully available

(2) Fall 2019 – EEE GradeBook past data will all remain available, but instructors will not be able to create new gradebooks or make changes <- INCORRECT; GradeBook will remain fully available until its retirement in Summer 2020

(3) Summer 2020 – EEE GradeBook and historic data will be completely unavailable

We strongly recommend retrieving copies of relevant data and storing it securely sooner, rather than later.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns and thank you to all the instructors who have helped us understand this need!

New Options in UCI Canvas

In collaboration with the Office of the Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning (OVPTL), the Office of Information Technology (OIT) has worked to streamline the process for reviewing and implementing new third party UCI Canvas integrations. Because of those efforts, several new ones are available this quarter:

  • Pearson – MyLab & Mastering
  • Pearson – Revel
  • Cengage – MindTap
  • McGraw-Hill – Connect
  • Gradescope (in pilot; see below)

The publisher integrations help students access textbook content and course activities directly from Canvas, and they can pass assignment grades back into the Canvas gradebook.

Gradescope is an assignment grading utility created by graduate students at UC Berkeley. We’re piloting it for the rest of this academic year to assess its usability and value. There will be a web demo on January 16.

Learn more here:

Please email to let us know about any Canvas integrations you’d like to use.

See the status of existing integration requests here:

If you have any questions, please email or call the OIT Help Desk (949-824-2222).

Shohreh Bozorgmehri
Director, Student & Academic Services Division
Office of Information Technology

Michael Dennin
Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning and Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education

Student feedback: Flexible and confidential EEE+ Evaluations

The message below was sent via UCI Zotmail to all campus employees.


We hope your fall quarter is off to a good start!

Use flexible, self-diagnostic EEE+ Evaluations ( to securely and confidentially collect student feedback.

Mid-quarter feedback can provide insight into students’ progress in the course and demonstrate your engagement in thoughtfully approaching your teaching.

EEE+ Evaluations is a next-generation replacement for the EEE Legacy midterm feedback form and includes new options instructors and TAs have asked for, including:

  • Custom forms – Create your own evaluation and ask the questions that are most relevant to you
  • Repeatable evaluations – Run a self-diagnostic evaluation as often as you like
  • Open participation – Assign an evaluation to one of your instructor classes or simply send a link to anyone at UCI whom you’d like to participate

Results are completely confidential; only you will be able to see your own results. Optionally, the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation can consult with you on interpreting and responding to your results. You may schedule a consultation by visiting:

For any questions or assistance with EEE+ Evaluations, please call the OIT Help Desk at (949) 824-2222 or email


Shohreh Bozorgmehri
Director, Student & Academic Services Division
Office of Information Technology
University of California, Irvine

Canvas & EEE Update for Fall 2018

UCI’s Canvas transition is progressing: about 43% of instructors and 80% of undergraduate students have used Canvas for at least one class since Spring 2015.

If you haven’t yet used Canvas and have lots of EEE experience, you’re not alone! This is the quarter to start thinking about using Canvas, particularly because new EasyWebsites can’t be created after Fall 2018. We’re here to help.

Here’s how:

While we’ve put a lot of thought into creating our new transition guide, we know it’s not perfect. If you notice anything that doesn’t seem right, or there are topics you’d like to see added, please get in touch.

That also goes for any feedback you may have about this transition more generally. You can learn more about the progress of the transition at and you can reach the EEE+ Team via

In Spring 2018, we surveyed all instructors about the challenges involved in using Canvas. Here’s what they said and what is being done about some of those concerns:

Other updates for Fall 2018:

  • Canvas sandboxes can now include collaborators
  • WW Norton assignments can now be created in Canvas
  • Fully customizable, repeatable, self-diagnostic midterm evaluations are now available:
  • Student & Instructor class lists are now available in GrandCentral (eventual MyEEE replacement):
  • The class schedule calendar download previously found on MyEEE is now available through GrandCentral for students (we’re working on adding this for instructors as well)


Shohreh Bozorgmehri
Director, Student & Academic Services Division
Office of Information Technology
University of California, Irvine