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Student feedback: Flexible and confidential EEE+ Evaluations

The message below was sent via UCI Zotmail to all campus employees.


We hope your fall quarter is off to a good start!

Use flexible, self-diagnostic EEE+ Evaluations ( to securely and confidentially collect student feedback.

Mid-quarter feedback can provide insight into students’ progress in the course and demonstrate your engagement in thoughtfully approaching your teaching.

EEE+ Evaluations is a next-generation replacement for the EEE Legacy midterm feedback form and includes new options instructors and TAs have asked for, including:

  • Custom forms – Create your own evaluation and ask the questions that are most relevant to you
  • Repeatable evaluations – Run a self-diagnostic evaluation as often as you like
  • Open participation – Assign an evaluation to one of your instructor classes or simply send a link to anyone at UCI whom you’d like to participate

Results are completely confidential; only you will be able to see your own results. Optionally, the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation can consult with you on interpreting and responding to your results. You may schedule a consultation by visiting:

For any questions or assistance with EEE+ Evaluations, please call the OIT Help Desk at (949) 824-2222 or email


Shohreh Bozorgmehri
Director, Student & Academic Services Division
Office of Information Technology
University of California, Irvine

Evaluations.Next Pilot – Beginning Spring 2017

As part of the transition to EEE Canvas, the Office of Information Technology has been working to rebuild the EEE Evaluations tool. After several quarters of development and extensive user testing, we are ready to have people try out the self-diagnostic  midterm evaluation functionality as a pilot for a Spring Quarter 2017 class. For the duration of the pilot, this new tool will be referred to as “EEE Evaluations.Next” (and sometimes shortened to Evals.Next).

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