Moratorium on Non-Critical EEE Development Work

Through November 2020, the team that builds and maintains the EEE instructional technology ecosystem will be focused on building next-generation versions of the following three tools:

  • Rapid Return
  • Department Evaluations
  • ClassMail Lists

The legacy versions of each of these tools must be retired before November, 2020, because of upcoming end-of-life for components of the systems underpinning them. Each tool provides high-value functionality not offered by Canvas. The retirement of the remainder of EEE Legacy must also be done in this timeframe.

To meet this demanding timeline and facilitate the campus transition to a best-of-breed instructional technology ecosystem, the EEE development team will minimize all work not directly related to this effort. Therefore, with the commencement of work on these projects in Spring 2018, we are implementing a strict moratorium on development across all EEE systems, as well as on the fulfillment of other requests that require a developer’s effort (e.g., ad hoc data requests).

Limited exceptions to this moratorium are below and OIT and/or OVPTL leadership will assess other requests on a case-by-case basis.

Development excluded from moratorium:

  • Development explicitly mandated for compliance with law, policy, or existing agreements.
  • Bug fixes for issues that interfere with the absolute core functionality of an existing tool.

Development requiring special approval:

  • Any request that does not meet the above criteria.
  • Ad hoc administrative requests for data that require programming and/or setup.

Request an exception:

If OIT leadership determines that your request doesn’t meet the above criteria, it will be added to our internal notes for future consideration following the launch of the above three tools.

Questions may be directed to Briandy Walden, Associate Director, Student & Academic Services, OIT (, 949-824-2544).

Thank you for your support during this critical development period. We look forward to delivering new and improved tools to our campus.