Pilot Assessment

The EEE Team will be assessing the Canvas Pilot to help the campus decide on the future direction of learning management technologies at UCI.

Assessment results →


Each quarter, the EEE Team will distribute 3 surveys to instructors, students, and TAs:

  • Pre-quarter: Distributed the week before the quarter starts (except for Spring Quarter 2015 — instructor assessments will be distributed in late February or early March).
  • Mid-quarter checkpoint: Distributed half-way through the quarter
  • End-of-quarter: Distributed after finals have completed for a given quarter

Periodic reports will be posted summarizing the various assessments: Assessments Results

The EEE Team also partnered with Professor Alfred Kobsa’s Spring 2015 Informatics 132: Project in HCI and Interfaces course. Four teams of undergraduate students evaluated Canvas from the perspectives of both students and instructors:


Quarter Pre-quarter Mid-quarter End-of-quarter
Spring Quarter 2015 Variable 4/24 – 5/6 5/29 – 6/19
Summer Session I 2015 6/15 – 6/24 7/9 – 7/17 7/22 – 7/31
Summer Session 10wk 2015 6/15 – 6/24 7/20 – 7/28 8/26 – 9/4
Summer Session II 2015 7/24 – 8/4 8/17 – 8/25 9/2 – 9/11
Fall Quarter 2015 9/17 – 9/26 10/23 – 11/2 11/30 – 12/18
Winter Quarter 2015 12/28 – 1/8  1/29 – 2/8 3/7 – 3/25

Notifications & Reminders

EEE will create, host, and distribute the assessments via the SurveyMonkey and the EEE class mail lists tool directly to participating instructors and TAs, as well as students enrolled in Pilot courses.

EEE sends email notifications and reminder emails to class mail lists to encourage responding to the assessment. Email notifications are sent when the assessments open, and email reminders are sent periodically throughout the assessment period.


Pre-quarter Mid-quarter End-of-quarter
Student-Pre Student-Mid Student-Post
Instructor-Pre Instructor-Mid Instructor-Post
TA-Pre TA-Mid TA-Post

Student Focus Groups

Nine focus groups were offered to students throughout the UCI Canvas Pilot (3 each in Spring, Fall, and Winter quarters).

Notes from focus groups:

Categorized Feedback

The support provided by the EEE Team has historically been an excellent source for feedback and ideas to enhance the EEE toolset. As such, during the Canvas Pilot, we will continue to monitor our support interactions not just with campus users, but also with the vendor, Instructure. These interactions will be recorded and categorized for future analysis.

Participants are also encouraged to submit feedback to the EEE team at any time via the Feedback section on this website email to eee@uci.edu.


Various events will be held throughout the Pilot, including focus groups, panels, and workshops