Cute Animals are Irresponsible; An Interview with Sholim

I found Sholim a.k.a Milos Rajkovic on tumblr one hot and muggy California night. Instantly, I was mesmerized by his curious dark wit. I spent the next hour going from gif to gif wonderstruck by the complex animations. Somehow I grew a pair for long enough to ask humbly, “Your work is amazing. Would you care to do an interview for a student run gallery at my university?” To my surprise and delight Rajkovic, a 28 year old Belgrade based artist, agreed to do the interview through email. Thanks technology! Without further ado, the interview….

What kind of Art do you make?

Modern world society is cluttered with temporarily informations and stuck in acceptable mediocrity because of advertised projection of reality , art should be contribution in fight against that order


[Click on images to animate them. ]

Tell me something about your training and your influences.

I define two major influences on my art: European satire in all [form] of art, expecilly in Yugoslavian and Czechoslovakian cinematography and attitude from whole American Lowbrow art culture.

Which artists have influenced you most?

Robert Crumb, Mike Judge, Jan Švankmajer, Goran Marković, Guy Debord and many others.

You make .gif’s, videos and digital illustrations; do you prefer any one above the others? Why or, why not?

I definitely prefer GIF ART because it’s unexplored potencial for bringing pure values of human thinking in artistic form to the internet, homes,offices,phones.


Why do you feel compelled to make the work that you do?

Because its irresponsible to leave for future generations internet full of cute animals.

Could you take a moment and talk/write/type about the role of humor in your work?

I think that satirical humor is the best form of criticism and thats the reason why i use it so much in my work. Interesting thing is that people who doesn’t understant that kind of humor, always thinks that my art is scary and disturbing.

How do you stay motivated to make work? Where do you find inspiration?

My motivation is the fact that i bring art that encourage thinking about the world we living and some day in some part of the planet somebody will be inspired. It’s rarity when you see something on internet that is not just a temporary information and that’s the reason why my gifs are very complex.


Do you have any thoughts on globalization of culture? Are there any drawback of Globalization you’ve seen in Belgrade?

Good thing about globalization of culture is transmission of ideas, meanings and values all over the world and the very bad thing is use culture as part of corporate colonization


What are some challenges you face as an artist in 2013?

My biggest challenge was that I was try to found the answer for question : How can I interested people in my work?

What role does Social Media play when you create your work or, in your career as an artist?

Social media sites like facebook and twitter are polygons for development of egoistic behavior and I don’t like it but it’s the best place to promote your work on internet.

On Tumblr you sign your work with “Sholim,” does it have any special meaning?

Sholim is my pseudonym since I was very young, its reverse reading of my name Miloš or Milosh.

Of your works, which are your favorite?

Maybe “Skinner box head” gif because of philosophical message about modern destuction of individuality and “Kill For Peace” gif because its tribute to Tuli Kupferberg.

What advice would you give current art students?

Explore own individuality through creativity

For more work from Sholim please visit

Interview by; Suzana Poghosyan

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