The course directors are:

Germán A. Enciso, Ph.D.
Dr. Enciso is Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics. Originally trained as a pure mathematician, he has extensive experience collaborating in systems biology, working on signal transduction, multisite modifications, cancer progression, cell cycle regulation, neuroscience, and cellular decision making in Chlamydia. He has a joint appointment in the Department of Developmental and Cell Biology, and he is currently supported for research in mathematical and computational biology by NSF, NIH, and DARPA.

Arthur D. Lander, M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Lander is the Donald Bren Professor of Developmental and Cell Biology, director of the NIGMS-funded Center for Complex Biological Systems (CCBS), UCI’s National Center for Systems Biology, and co-director of a newly NCI-funded National Center for Cancer Systems Biology. Originally trained as a neurobiologist and developmental biologist, his research over the past 15 years has focused on the systems biology of morphogenesis and growth. Using vertebrate and invertebrate model systems, as well as mathematical and computational modeling, he has pursued questions about pattern formation, tissue and organ size control, cancer, and the origins of syndromic and non-syndromic birth defects. He has 15 years of experience as director of T32 training grants (3 total; one current), 8 years of service as Chair of Developmental and Cell Biology, and 15 years as director of CCBS. He also holds joint appointments in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Logic & Philosophy of Science, and is a member of the Science Board of the Santa Fe Institute, a long-standing bastion of interdisciplinary science in the U.S.  Dr. Lander has served as chair of an NIH Developmental Biology study section, member of an NICHD branch review panel, and as chair of the MABS (modeling and analysis of biological systems) NIH study section, which specializes in the review of interdisciplinary applications at the intersection between biology, engineering, mathematics and computer science.

Course faculty include Dr. Enciso and Dr. Lander, as well as a diverse group of other UCI faculty members who will oversee lectures and lab modules, and serve as post-course mentors.

Instructor Department affiliation (primary, secondary) Areas of Expertise
Jun Allard Physics, Mathematics Biophysics, mathematical modeling, biomechanics, cell biology
Bogi Anderson Biological Chemistry, Medicine Transcriptional regulation in normal and diseased epithelia
Scott Atwood Developmental & Cell Biology Cancer initiation, cell fate specification
Lee Bardwell Developmental & Cell Biology Cell signaling, MAP kinase pathways, mathematical modeling
Anne Calof Anatomy & Neuro-bio, Dev. & Cell Bio. Opthalmology Developmental biology, growth control, regeneration, stem cells, neural development, birth defects, mouse embryology
Ken Cho Developmental & Cell Biology Developmental Biology, Xenopus embryology, BMP signaling, gene-regulatory networks
Olivier Cinquin Developmental & Cell Biology Developmental Biology, C. elegans germline, Notch signaling, lifespan and aging, image analysis
Michelle Digman Biomedical Engineering Fluorescence fluctuation microscopy, imaging, particle tracking, biophysics
Timothy Downing Biomedical Engineering Stem cell and tissue engineering, regenerative biology, epigenomcis, mechanobiology
Charless Fowlkes Computer Science Image analysis, machine learning, spatiotemporal atlases of gene expression in Drosophila
Enrico Gratton Biomedical Eng., Physics, Dev. & Cell Biophysics, optics, fluorescence fluctuation microscopy, particle tracking, theory.
Chang Liu Biomedical Eng.,Chemistry Synthetic biology; engineered genetic systems for rapid evolution; chemical biology
John Lowengrub Mathematics, Biomedical Eng. Multi-scale mathematical modeling, biomechanics, tissue morphogenesis
Eric Mjolsness Computer Science, Mathematics Computational biology, plant biology, software development for mathematical biology.
Ali Mortazavi Developmental & Cell Biology Genomics, Nextgen sequencing, Chip-seq, ChIA-PET. Cell differentiation, developmental biology
Qing Nie Mathematics, Biomedical Eng. Numerical mathematics, differential equations, morphogen gradients, stochastic systems
Maksim Plikus Developmental & Cell Biology Epidermal biology, stem cell biology, hair development and regeneration,
Elizabeth Read Chemical Eng. & Materials Science Dynamics of complex biochemical systems, regulation of immune responses
Thomas Schilling Developmental & Cell Biology Development of vertebrate nervous system and skeleton, mathematical models of morphogenesis
Albert Siryaporn Physics Bacterial pathogenesis at the intersection of biophysics and molecular biology
Kyle Stanford Logic & Philosophy of Science Philosophy of biology, scientific realism, history of developmental and evolutionary biology
Peter Taborek Physics Mathematics, physics, physical biology, Mathematica software
Rahul Warrior Developmental & Cell Biology Developmental signaling, growth control, Drosophila genetics
Zeba Wunderlich Developmental & Cell Biology Evolution of gene regulatory networks, transcriptional control, biophysics, systems biology
Xiaohui Xie Computer Science, Dev. & Cell Biology Bioinformatics and computational biology, genomics, analysis of high-throughput data sets.

In addition, teaching assistance will be provided by students from UCI’s highly interdisciplinary Mathematical, Computational and Systems Biology graduate program.