About Us

The stockroom unit is divided into three distinct subdivisions: the General Chemistry Stockroom, the Organic Chemistry Stockroom, and the Upper Division Stockroom. Each stockroom is managed directly by its own Stockroom Manager and indirectly by the Senior Stockroom Manager. The stockroom staff consist of some of the brightest, most dedicated, and most driven undergraduate students from a variety of different science disciplines. Amongst the disciplines are: chemistry, biomedical engineering, biology, chemical engineering, earth system science, and public health.

The stockroom unit provides logistical support and consultation to faculty, TAs, and undergraduate students. We pride ourselves in our ability to solve problems and to assist.

Meet the Managers

Stockroom Managers: Simon Lam (left), Melanie Nguyen (middle), and Michael Tran (right)

Melanie Nguyen

Senior Stockroom Manager

Office: 230 Rowland Hall

Phone: (949) 824-3139

Email: mmnguyen@uci.edu

Simon Lam

Organic Chemistry Stockroom Manager

Office: 580A Rowland Hall

Phone: (949) 824-5053

Email: slam11@uci.edu

Michael Tran

Upper Division Stockroom Manager

Office: 470 Rowland Hall

Phone: (949) 824-7042

Email: michaent@uci.edu