Venier LabQuest Tutorials

These tutorials will introduce you to the Data Sharing Platform designed by Vernier Software and Technology. You will be guided through the process of setting up email configuration on the LabQuest2 interface. By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to independently set up email configuration on the LabQuest2 interface in order to export data.  

The Convenience of Data Sharing

The Vernier LabQuest2 interface is the centerpiece of Vernier’s Data Sharing platform.  It allow users to work collaboratively and share data across a variety of wireless platform.


Tutorial Video: Setting Up Email Configuration

One convenient feature of Vernier’s Data Sharing Platform is the ability for users to export data directly from a LabQuest2 interface. Students could collect data on the LabQuest2 interface and export it without the need for an internet browser or the use of a USB flash drive. Students may email data directly to themselves, to their TA, or to the inbox of an electronic lab notebook. Data could be exported before students leave lab and be ready in their email inbox for analysis at a later time. This tutorial video will guide you through the steps of independently setting up email configuration on the LabQuest2 interface.


Additional Resources

Visit the Vernier Software and Technology website for additional information. The website contains tutorial videos and user manuals. There is also a discussion forum where users could post questions and find answers.