Excelling at UCI


Tips for new Anteaters

  • Take advantage of all opportunities
    • Whether it’s participating in an orientation or joining a new study group, there’s no better way to become familiar with your surroundings.
  • Ask for help
    • UCI wants you to succeed! If you are struggling with your academics you can visit your academic department about tutoring resources. You can also ask your professor and classmates for help.
  • Time management is everything
    • All-nighters are not a good idea. In fact, studies show that prolonged sleep deprivation causes a decreased attention span and an inability to store information in the memory. Set aside time to study early and get a full nights sleep.
  • Meet with your advisor
    • Advisors will help you select the proper classes to take. They can help you decide on a major, explore career and internship opportunities as well as develop job search skills. By developing a relationship with your advisor, you’ll be on your way to graduation when the time comes.
  • Planning to work?
    • Try to find an on-campus work-study job. Hours are flexible and if you’re on campus, you won’t have to commute. Financial aid will determine your eligibility for work-study.
  • Get involved
    • Set aside some time to get involved on campus. You can look into joining the more than 600 clubs and organizations that UCI has to offer. You can also join an outreach organization and make a difference on campus as well as the surrounding community.
  • Get to know your professors
    • Professors are approachable! Make sure to introduce yourself to your professors, go to office hours, and build a rapport with them. You want to build a connection: you will be contacting faculty for research opportunities, letters of recommendations, advice, and mentoring.

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