Casa César Chávez

Established in 1994, Casa César Chávez is located in the Arroyo Vista Housing Complex at UCI. Casa is named in honor of César Estrada Chávez, the late American labor leader. This 24 resident, academic theme house, sponsored by the Department of Chicano/Latino Studies, provides its residents with a variety of educational, social, and cultural activities. It also provides a residential environment for students interested in Chicano/Latino issues through faculty-student socials, lectures, poetry readings, and films. Casa sponsors an annual open house and has hosted guest lectures by noted Chicano and Latino authors, film makers, and community leaders. Casa was voted as the theme house with the best community spirit at the end of its first year. The house has consistently received awards at the end of each academic year. One of the primary objectives of Casa César Chávez is to assist in the recruitment and retention of the Chicano and Latino student community at the University. Residents are expected to participate in house activities and engage in public and community service. Residency in the house is not restricted to majors or minors in Chicano/Latino Studies, everyone is welcome.

The aims of Casa César Chávez are to:

  • Help residents attain their academic and career goals
  • Provide resource information pertinent to the success of Chicano/Latino students at UCI
  • Create and maintain a sense of familia, comunidad, y respeto among its residents