Literacy Integration – 2

2A. Warm up:

The teacher starts the lesson by reminding the students the moves they learned in last class. The teacher leads the students to do a few activities by imagining themselves as little birds.

Second Grade Lesson #2: Warm Up

2B. Vocabulary:

Students learn about basic vocabularies such as the meaning of the word “action” and how it is a verb describing what you do. Later, the teacher goes over axial movements and shows the students how they can integrate into different moves.

Second Grade Lesson #2: Vocabulary

2C. Modeling:

Students get a chance to integrate music into dance moves they have previously learned. They also learn how to dance with rhyme.

Second Grade Lesson #2: Modeling

2D. Guided Practice:

Students learn different verbs including the differences between loco-motor actions and axial actions. They also learn about the differences between hopping and leaping and how to keep a safe distance while doing these activities.

Second Grade Lesson #2: Guided Practice

2E. Debrief & Evaluation:

The teacher reminds the students about their homework and also summarizes what they did in class today.

Second Grade Lesson #2: Debrief and Evaluation

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