Grade 1 Dance, Lesson 1

Element of Energy: Force and Effort

Lesson 1: Intro to Dance Classroom

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  • Students will explore and demonstrate qualities of movement: shake, vibrate, sharp, smooth, swing, twist, wiggle, and spin.
  • Students will demonstrate controlling and balancing the body as they move in various energies while changing speed.

1A. Intro to Dance Classroom: The lesson includes a review of personal space concepts.

Grade 1 Dance Lesson #1: Intro to Dance Classroom

1B. Warm-up Routine:

Grade 1 Dance Lesson #1: Warm-up Routine

1C. Warm-up Review of Vocabulary: The lesson review includes the term axial and introduces definitions of time, force, and energy.

Grade 1 Dance Lesson #1: Warm-up Review of Vocabulary

1D. Modeling Discuss Elements of Energy: 
Using references to playground equipment, students learn about energy and effort in movement.

Grade 1 Dance Lesson #1: Modeling Discuss Elements of Energy

1E. Guided Practice Axial Force and Effort: 
Through axial practice, students explore force and effort using playground equipment references.

Grade 1 Dance Lesson #1: Guided Practice Axial Force and Effort

1F. Modeling Discuss Elements of Energy: 
Through locomotor practice of force and effort, students demonstrate the different verbs associated with these concepts.

Grade 1 Dance Lesson #1: Modeling Discuss Elements of Energy

1G. Guided Practice Locomotor Force and Effort: Students practice following the teacher’s prompts combining force and effort.

Grade 1 Dance Lesson #1: Guided Practice Locomotor Force and Effort

1H. Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down:

Grade 1 Dance Lesson #1: Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down

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