Grade 1 Theatre, Lesson 1

Lesson 1

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Objective: Students will identify, imitate, mirror, and create feeling and expression by using the face as an expressive tool.

1A. Warm-up:

Teaching Artist Mike Sears leads a first grade class in warm-up exercises that include both physical and vocal components. These activities increase focus while also expanding vocabulary and encouraging children to speak audibly and clearly. The teacher also discusses the function of the diaphragm.

Grade 1, Lesson 1, Warm-up [11 minute Video]

1B. Vocabulary:

  • character: personality or part an actor recreates
  • actor: person, male or female, who performs a role in a play or an entertainment
  • expression: communication of thoughts or feelings through the look on the face or body (posture and gesture)
  • The teacher also introduces the term emotion: feeling that actor expresses

Grade 1, Lesson 1, Vocabulary [4 minute Video]

1C. Modeling:

The class discusses how people use their faces and their bodies (through gesture and posture) to express emotion. Children experiment with expressing emotion.

Grade 1, Lesson 1, Modeling [6 minute Video]

1D. Guided Practice:

Children practice expressing the emotions of sadness, surprise, etc.

Grade 1, Lesson 1, Guided Practice [3 minute Video]

1E. Debriefing and Evaluation:

Teaching Artist Mike Sears provides feedback to children.

Grade 1, Lesson 1, Debriefing and Evaluation [1 minute Video]

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