Grade 1 Theatre, Lesson 4

Lesson 4: Pantomime: Acting Without Speaking

 Billy Goats Three and Me #1

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  • Students will identify ways actors use gestures and movement to retell a story through pantomime.
  • Students will identify the elements of plot.

4A. Vocabulary:

Students act out several different actions under the category of playground motions. By focusing on action and gesture, not sound, students learn about the term pantomime: wordless action, etc. They adapt the game “What are you doing” in the previous lesson to work with the brainstormed identities that the students volunteered.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #4: Vocabulary

4B. Modeling:

The teaching artist helps students practice with the term pantomime as he demonstrates various activities: brushing teeth, hammering a nail, and speaking on the telephone.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #4: Modeling [4:51 minute Video]

4C. Guided Practice:

Reading the story “Three Billy Goats,” the teacher helps students add pantomime to moments in the story as they follow him. As an option, they can add sound to their expressions.

Grade 1 Theatre Lesson #4: Guided Practice [11:14 minute Video]

4D. Debriefing and Evaluation:

Students review the lesson’s main points about pantomime.

Grade 1 Theatre Lesson #4: Debriefing And Evaluation [0:22 minute Video]

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