Grade 1 Theatre, Lesson 6

Tableau: Retelling Stories with Frozen Pictures 

You Ought to be in Pictures!!

Students extend their work with tableau from lesson 5.

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  • Students will work alone and in groups to create group stage pictures (tableaux)
  • Students will work cooperatively to tell a story through tableaux.

6A. Warm up: 

Students warm up physically and vocally for the lesson.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #6: Warm up [06:13 minute Video]

6B. Vocabulary:

The class reviews the terminology of theatre that they have learned and apply the word tableau to produce a scene of a baseball game. Students are encouraged to think about the specific postures of players, officials, and spectators.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #6: Vocabulary [11:08 minute Video]

6C. Guided Practice:

Students work in small groups with location cards to create tableaux. They explore how tourists might visit a zoo in this clip. The teaching artist reminds the students how pantomime may be a follow up to a tableau or could precede a tableau to help student comprehension of their readings.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #6: Guided Practice [10:01 minute Video]

6D. Debriefing and Evaluation: 

Students listen to the teaching artist’s comments about their progress that day.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #6: Debriefing And Evaluation [0:22 minute Video]

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