Grade 1 Theatre, Lesson 7

Tableau: Retelling Nursery Rhymes with Frozen Pictures (Tableaux)

Every Picture Tells a Story!

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Objective: Students will perform exaggerated body and facial expressions with focus and cooperation to create tableau for nursery rhyme.

7A. Warm up:

Students go through their warm up with their classroom teacher and teaching artist, Mike Sears.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #7: Warm up [08:19 minute Video]

7B. Modeling: 

Students perform the scenes that they have practiced for the teaching artist to guess. They have generated both a tableau and action to help the audience to understand their characters and scenario. These include detectives, skateboarding, playing tennis, and a day at the beach.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #7: Modeling [11:08 minute Video]

7C. Guided Practice:

Using the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” students practice the characters from the story as groups. The teaching artist helps them review how to animate their characters as well as offers tips about making directorial choices for motion, voice projection, volume, and unison delivery of lines from multiple speakers.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #7: Guided Practice [16:54 minute Video]

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