Grade 1 Theatre, Lesson 8

Dramatizations: Nursery Rhymes

Fables: Once Upon a Time….

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Objective: Students will perform in groups demonstrating focus and cooperation to create pantomime and tableau to retell nursery rhymes showing correct lot, sequence of events, setting, problem, and solution.

8A. Modeling:

Teaching Artist Cheetah Platt leads the class in a reading of the story “The Lion and the Mouse”, demonstrating various ways to animate the characters. He then explains how groups of 4 are assigned the roles and will rehearse as partners, i.e. the lion and mouse rehearse together and the two hunters rehearse together.

Grade 1 Theatre Lesson #8: Modeling [05:06 minute Video]

8B. Guided Practice:

A group of students demonstrate their dramatizations and the teaching artist offers commentary on their staging and performance. Elements in focus are communicating to the audience the plot and setting with voices, gestures, and facial expressions.

Alternatively, the class could also enhance their discussion with consideration for costumes and props if applicable.

Grade 1 Theatre Lesson #8: Guided Practice [4:43 minute Video]

8C. Debriefing and Evaluation: 

The teaching artists helps the students review their understanding of tableau and action.

Grade 1 Theatre Lesson #8: Debriefing And Evaluation [0:43 minute Video]

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