Grade 1 Theatre, Lesson 9

Lesson 9: Dramatizations: Fables – The Lion and the Mouse 

Rhymes: Once Upon a Time…

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Objective: Students will work collaboratively demonstrating focus and cooperation to create pantomime and tableau, costumes and sets showing plot as they retell fables.

9A. Warm up:

The teaching artist helps students revisit the story illustrations from lesson 8 to identify and clarify the elements of nursery rhymes like “Humpty Dumpty” and “Old Mother Hubbard.” The teaching artist helps them extend their understanding of the stories by considering how other characters and objects are part of the stories.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #9: Warm up [03:28 minute Video]

9B. Modeling:

The teaching artist leads students through a discussion of how to work with different nursery rhymes by extending beyond the original rhyme. He assists them in coming up with strategies to change the stories to intensify them, to add back story, or to add characters.  Students explore their comprehension further when making appropriate choices to enrich the stories.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #9: Modeling [03:47 minute Video]

9C. Guided Practice & Rehearsal:

Students rehearse in groups while the classroom teacher and teaching artist visit and coach their efforts. Commentary focuses on expressions, gestures, and voices to help students understand their characters and how to relate their characters to each other.

Alternatively, students might also discuss props and costumes that might enhance a performance.

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #9: Guided Practice & Rehearsal [0:52 minute Video]

9D. Debriefing and Evaluation:

Students review their understanding of dramatization and the strategies they use to animate their characters. The teaching artist works with the students to create impromptu characters to enact from their imagination.  He explains how literature is a useful source of inspiration for roles

Grade1 Theatre Lesson #9: Debriefing And Evaluation [9:43 minute Video]

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