Literacy Integration – 1

1A. Physical Warm Up:

Teaching artist Roxanne Rojas introduces the idea of dance literacy to the students. These activities increase focus while also expanding vocabulary. The teacher also goes over her expectations and rules for this class.

Second Grade Lesson #1: Warm Up & Modeling

1B. Vocabulary:

The teaching artist introduces key words that will be used in this lesson such as “bend”, “bounce”, “shake” and “grow”. The students also experience those actions  (vocabularies) through dancing.

Second Grade Lesson #1: Vocabulary

1C. Modeling:

The teacher introduces the idea of patterns to the class. She teaches the students certain moves (these moves come from the vocabularies that are introduced earlier) and teaches them to dance with this certain pattern.

Second Grade Lesson #1: Modeling

1D. Guided Practice:

Students are given a chance to create their own pattern in which they can only use vocabulary words that have been taught in this class. Students are separated into two different groups while doing this activity.

Second Grade Lesson #1: Guided Practice

1E. Debrief & Evaluation:

The teaching artist, Roxanne Rojas pulled the class together to discuss to the students the homework they are assigned and the conflicts that occur in the class.

Second Grade Lesson #1: Debrief & Evaluation

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