Kindergarten Dance – 2

Moving Safely in General Space

Lesson 2: Body Awareness and Space

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  • Students will learn how to move safely general space through performing locomotor movement.
  • Students will demonstrate safety by moving and freezing when prompted.

2A. Warm up Routine:

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #2: Warm up Routine

2B. Warm-up Review: Students revisit elements of lesson 1, space.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #2: Warm-up Review

2C. Practice Locomotor: Students go over basic movements (bending/twisting) and creative ones like making shapes or letters.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #2:  Practice Locomotor

2D. Modeling Axial and Locomotor: Students mix axial and locomotor movements.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #2: Modeling Axial and Locomotor 

2E. Axial Locomotion with Demo: The teacher guides students through mixing movements.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #2:  Axial Locomotion with Demo

2F. Freeze Dance: Students practice responding to cues for movement and freeze.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #2: Freeze Dance

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