Kindergarten Dance – 4

Using Space: Shape

Lesson 4: Shape

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  • Students will demonstrate understanding of space through creating and performing shapes at different sizes and levels.

4A. Warm up Routine:

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #4: Warm up Routine

4B. Warm-up Review: The class reviews axial and locomotor movements reflecting level and size, using references to animals and letters.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #2: Warm-up Review

4C. Model Using Space: The teachers show students how to use clay to represent shapes (flat, curved, etc.).

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #4: Model Using Space

4D. Guided Practice Explore: Students use clay for representation of shapes and then duplicate the shapes with their bodies. 

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #4: Guided Practice Explore

4E. Guided Practice Options and Extensions Copy: Students do the limbo to explore levels (high, middle, low).

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #4: Guided Practice Options and Extensions Copy

4F. Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down:

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #4: Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down

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