Kindergarten Dance – 9

Exploring Space: Creating Meaning with Shape and Movement

Lesson 9: Exploring Space

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  • Students will identify, use and demonstrate understanding of lines and shapes as they create letters and simple words with their bodies.
  • Students will demonstrate creating and performing in cooperative groups with safety.
  • Students will reflect upon and practice self-evaluation in the creation process.

9A. Warm up Routine:

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #9: Warm up Routine

9B. Warm-up Review: The lesson includes a comprehensive review of previous concepts.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #9: Warm-up Review

9C. Modeling Exploring Alphabet Dance: Students create the alphabet with their bodies.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #9: Modeling Exploring Alphabet Dance

9D. Modeling Using Your Body to Spell Words: The lesson includes a discussion and demonstration as students work together.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #9: Modeling Using Your Body to Spell Words

9E. Guided Practice Using Your Body to Spell Words: Students work in groups.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #9: Guided Practice Using Your Body to Spell Words

9F. Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down:

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #9: Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down

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