Literacy Integration – 1

1A. Warm up:

Teaching artist Roxanne Rojas shows a kindergarten class how to incorporate various body movements (i.e. stretching the neck or arms) while incorporating music. Activities include repeating specific words the teacher states while developing the children’s listening and vocabulary skills. These activities also require the children to focus their energy on the dancer.

Kindergarten Lesson #1: Warm up

1B. Vocabulary:

The teacher demonstrates to the students the various body part vocabulary usage and actions that come along with using those body parts. Body Parts Vocabulary: Neck, Elbow, Eyes, Mouth, Head, and Back. Actions of Axial Body Parts: Bend, Twist, Wiggle, Turn, Balance, and Stretch.

Kindergarten Lesson #1: Vocabulary

1C. Modeling:

The teacher and children practice using the various actions: Bending, Twisting, Wiggling, Turning, Balancing, Shaking, and Stretching while using their different body parts: Neck, Elbow, Eyes, Mouth, Head, and Back. She also goes over what the term Axial means (movements that involve staying in one place.)

Kindergarten Lesson #1: Modeling

1D. Guided Practice:

The teacher, Roxanne Rojas, splits the students into two groups and allows them as a group to decide on two axial body parts movements that they would like to use to make a dance. Roxanne then challenges the students by asking them questions such as what specific types of movements they used. The Raxanne tells the students to applaud for each group that performed their dance by reminding the students of the different agreements they had discussed: respect, unity, imagination, and focus.

Kindergarten Lesson #1: Guided and Practice

1E. Debriefing and Evaluation:

The teacher gives the students homework and tells them that they need to think about what their favorite body movement was and what their favorite body part used for that action was.

Kindergarten Lesson #1: Debriefing and Evaluation

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