Literacy Integration – 5

5A. Warm up:

The students along with the teacher, Roxanne practice various body movements such as stretching and making shapes with their bodies.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #5: Warm up

5B. Introduction and Review:

The teacher explains to the students that that they will be determining how many ways they can make shapes using their bodies.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #5: Introduction and Review

5C. Modeling Shapes:

The teacher and children practice using the various actions: Bending, Twisting, Wiggling, Turning, Balancing, Shaking, and Stretching while using their different body parts: Neck, Elbow, Eyes, Mouth, Head, and Back. She also goes over what the term Axial means (movements that involve staying in one place.)

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #5: Modeling Shapes

5D. Guided Practice: 

Students pair up with a partner to make shapes using their bodies and determine if their shapes are high or low.

Kindergarten Dance Lesson #5: Guided and Practice

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