Literacy Integration – 6

6A. Warm up: 

The students review how to make shapes using their bodies.

Kindergarten Lesson #6: Warm up

6B. Model Light and Heavy:

The students practice going over the words light and heavy by using  the book, “The Three Little Pigs.” For example the dancer asks the students if the pigs house in the novel is a light or heavy house.

Kindergarten Lesson #6: Model Light and Heavy

6C. Guided Practice Using Music: 

The students practice body movements involving using heavy and light energy along with music. For example students imagine they are heavy dinosaurs and use their entire body.

Kindergarten Lesson #6: Guided Practice Using Music

6D. Extension Dance: 

Students imagine they are light, like a balloon or feather, and heavy such as dinosaurs. They danced strongly as if they are carrying something very heavy.

Kindergarten Lesson #6: Extension Dance

6E. Dancing While Sitting:

Students follow the arm and head movements of the dancer with music in the background.

Kindergarten Lesson #6: Dancing While Sitting

6F. Sharp vs. Smooth: 

The teacher discusses to the students the meaning of sharp and smooth by practicing smooth and sharp body movements.

Kindergarten Lesson #6: Sharp vs. Smooth

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