Kindergarten Theatre – 3

Lesson 3 : A Hunting We Will Go…! (expansion of lesson #2 using other tales)

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  • Students will identify significant information from text (setting and senses) and demonstrate active listening skills by creating appropriate movement and sounds for a story.
  • Students will identify and describe the senses used in a story.

3A. Vocal and Physical Warm-up:

Teaching Artist Mike Sears leads a kindergarten class in warm-up exercises that include both physical and vocal components. These activities increase focus while also expanding vocabulary and encouraging children to speak audibly and clearly.

Kindergarten Theatre Lesson #3: Warm-up [5:58 minute Video]


mimic – to imitate or copy somebody’s voice, gestures or appearance
general space – the immediate spherical space surrounding the body in all directions referring to actors moving throughout a given area
personal space – the immediate spherical space surrounding the body in all directions referring to the movement of the actor in place or within a body bubble
senses – sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. It is used to help define a character in a certain situation

3B. Modeling:

Students work on an exercise called “What are you doing?” to rehearse the use of voice, gesture, and action in creating a character. The exercise works with references to animals, sports, or activites like hygiene.

Kindergarten Theatre Lesson #3: Modeling [9:21 minute Video]

3C. Guided Practice:

Using stories like Jack and Jill and Little Miss Muffet,  students begin to perform the stories using voice, sound effects, and movement. Use the entire room as the stage as you travel from story point to story point. This can be done as a whole class or in small groups. (see also lesson 5d.)

Kindergarten Theatre Lesson #3: Guided Practice [14:12 minute Video]

3D. Debriefing and Evaluation:

Pull the class together to share how voice and body can be used to bring a story come to life. Discuss the challenges of doing all three things (voice, sound effects and movement) at the same time. Storyboard the story on paper. Discuss how our senses of touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing can assist us with creating believable characters and stories!

Kindergarten Theatre Lesson #3: Debriefing and Evaluation [0:35 minute Video]

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