Kindergarten Theatre – 8

 Lesson 8: Stage Fright? Not!!! #1

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  • Students will select and use a prop to define a character and setting.
  • Students will participate as a good audience member.

8A. Vocal and Physical Warm-up:

This clip duplicates the warm up in lesson 7. Teaching Artist Wendy Maples leads a kindergarten class in warm-up exercises that include both physical and vocal components. These activities increase focus while also expanding vocabulary and encouraging children to speak audibly and clearly.

8B. Vocabulary: 

  • prop –  items carried on stage by an actor; small items on the set used by the actors.
  • stage – area where actors perform

8C. Modeling:

Describe what a prop is. Use a couple of props to demonstrate movement that would define a character. Have students mimic your movement and ask who am I, how do you know who I am and what am I doing or using to give you clues?

8D. Guided Practice:

Ask students to choose one item to role-play with. You may or may not allow vocalization in this activity. Allow five minutes for children to explore with their prop. Each student performs their characterization with their prop. Audience watches, applauds, and then tries to guess who the character was and what they were doing. Allow performer to say who they were and what they were doing. Discuss how props can define setting.

8E. Debriefing and Evaluation:

Pull the class together to discuss what a prop is. Why are props an important part of theatre?

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