Literacy Integration – 2

2A. Warm up:

The teacher starts the lesson by reminding the students the moves they learned in last class. The teacher leads the students to do a few activities by imagining themselves as little birds.

First Grade Lesson #2: Warm Up

2B. Vocabulary:

Students learn about different action vocabularies such as “pushing, pulling, or twisting.” The teacher also teaches the students how to do these motions in a safe environment (avoid bumping into other students).

First Grade #2: Vocabulary

2C. Modeling:

Students are separated into different groups in which they get a chance to present different verbs to other students by having a conversation in front of the class. Their conversation will be about the action verb they have picked and why they had picked that particular verb versus other verbs.

First Grade Lesson #2: Modeling

2D. Guided Practice:

Students get a chance to do group work. Each person in a group is responsible to pick a verb in which other group members need to follow their actions.

First Grade Lesson #2: Guided Practice

2E. Debrief & Evaluation: 

Students get together and do an activity before the class ends.

First Grade Lesson #2: Debrief & Evaluation

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