Literacy Integration – 3

3A. Warm up:

Teaching artist, Roxanne Rojas, discusses to the students the difference between low levels and high levels. The students demonstrate the concept of high and low levels by imagining themselves as birds that fly up and down in the sky. She then mentions to the class dance rules: Unity, respect, creativity, and focus.

First Grade Lesson #3: Warm Up

3B. Vocabulary:

The students along with the teacher discuss axial and locomotor verbs. For example the teacher asks the students if jogging and scratching are locomotor or axial verbs and the students respond that jogging is categorized under locomotor, while scratching is categorized under axial.

First Grade #3: Vocabulary

3C. Modeling:

The students along with the teacher move their body to South American music by twisting, stretching, pulling, etc, using high and low levels in addition to using their imagination to help them perform the action verbs. Roxanne explains the word “duet” to the students, describing that it occurs when two people dance together. Students later act as choreographers in order to write a story using their dance moves.

First Grade Lesson #3: Modeling

3D. Debrief and Evaluation:

Roxanne asks the students if reading a dance is similar to reading a book. She also asks the students if they use their imagination while reading a book, while recommending to the students to perform movements when reading a particular section book of their choice.

First Grade Lesson #3: Debrief and Evaluation

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