Literacy Integration – 4

4A. Warm up:

Teaching artist, Roxanne, asks the students, “Where they can move?” in which the students respond by giving examples. Roxanne reviews with the students the types of levels they had previously practiced: low, medium, and high and whether those specific moves are locomotive or axial. The students then get into to groups to demonstrate these levels. They then decide different ways to imply a meaning such as moving forward and backward.

First Grade Lesson #4: Warm Up

4B. Vocabulary:

Roxanne and the students discuss different ways they can move their body such as moving forward and backward. The students provide examples of nouns that can move forward or backward, in addition to learning about the word “direction,” with the example of a car.

First Grade #4: Vocabulary

4C. Modeling:

Roxanne has the students perform the words or phrases they had discussed with a partner, by having the students hop, jump, or leap over and under their partners.

First Grade Lesson #4: Modeling

4D. Guided Practice:

With partners, the students find movements in which they can go over, under, forward, backward, or in between.

First Grade Lesson #4: Guided Practice

4E. Debrief and Evaluation:

The rules of the classroom are re-discussed; Roxanne reviews with the students what they had done in the classroom with using direction, control, and imagination as well as implementing the different levels they performed. Their homework is to write about their favorite movement and the imagination they used for that movement.

First Grade Lesson #4: Debrief and Evaluation

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