Literacy Integration – 4

4A. Warm up:

The teaching artist, Roxanne Rojas introduces the idea of space and the importance of timing while dancing (speed). She introduces the difference between quick and slow including why and how they are important to dancers.

Second Grade Lesson #4: Warm Up

4B. Vocabulary:

Roxanne incorporates the idea of pattern with speed and introduces global views to the students, including the idea of a carnival. She tells students that that there are different dances throughout the world.

Second Grade Lesson #4: Vocabulary

4C. Modeling:

Students get a chance to pick their own dance move and rhythm to demonstrate in front of the whole class. They learn to incorporate pattern, story, moves and rhyme.

Second Grade Lesson #4: Modeling

4D. Guided Practice:

Students get together to perform the dance moves they are interested in. They are able to incorporate their creativities into their dance moves. Roxanne also encourages students to share what they have experienced through the dance moves they have chosen.

Second Grade Lesson #4: Guided Practice

4E. Debrief and Evaluation:

The teacher provides feedback about the students’ performance in the class.

Second Grade Lesson #4: Debrief and Evaluation

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