Literacy Integration – 5

5A. Introduction to Model Guided Practice: Shapes & Lines

The students review the type of movements they had performed last week. They then review different shapes and use their body to make shapes: rectangles, triangles, squares, and rhombuses. The class also used their body parts to make various lines.

First Grade Lesson #5: Introduction to Model Guided Practice: Shapes & Lines

5B. Introduction Extension Shapes and Yoga

The students implement Yoga to make shapes and lines out of their bodies.

First Grade #5: Introduction Extension Shapes and Yoga

5C. Guided Practice: Review Shapes

The students get into groups to make shapes they had discussed: circles, triangles, rectangles, and rhombuses, using different levels: high, medium, and low.

First Grade Lesson #5: Guided Practice: Review Shapes

5D. Review & Extension with Dance Story

The class discusses the type of lines that are used in shapes. For example they discuss that rectangles and squares use four straight lines while circles and rhombuses use curved lines. They then discuss the number of corners each shape has. The students get into groups to practice telling their stories they had previously wrote, by making shapes with their bodies.

First Grade Lesson #5: Review & Extension with Dance Story

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