Literacy Integration – 6

6A. Warm up:

Teaching artist, Roxanne Rojas introduces the words “angular and corners” then wants the students to show her their understanding. Students learn about the formation and pathways.

Second Grade Lesson #6: Warm Up

6B. Modeling:

Students are learning how to do the “triangle” dance and how to be unified while dancing in different pathways (curve, straight, triangular, bridge).

Second Grade Lesson #6: Modeling

6C. Discussion Model 2:

Roxanne reviews what was taught in the previous class: The feeling from the dance, the reasons why people dance it, where the dance comes from including the rhythm and pathways. The teacher then introduces another dance. Roxanne goes on by talking about a dance that tells a story about a character in Nigeria. Through the story, the teacher introduces a zigzag dance pathway. Students get a chance to take a closer look at the movements.

Second Grade Lesson #6: Discussion Model 2

6D. Discuss Compare:

Roxanne makes comparisons between the first and the second dance and reminds the students about the dance they have learned (especially focusing on the emotions). Students get to learn various vocabularies through describing the dance. They also discuss about the different customs and the importance of the colors in the dance performance (Light color represents happiness).

Second Grade Lesson #6: Discuss Compare

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