Literacy Integration – 7

7A. Introduction:

The students get into groups to practice the beginning, middle, and end of the dance that they had came up with last week. They then get into groups to practice their choreographies.

First Grade Lesson #7: Introduction

7B. Describing Favorite Part of Dance:

Each group of students explains their favorite part of their dance. The students along with teaching artist, Roxanne, make a summary of their dance.

First Grade Lesson #7: Describing Favorite Part of Dance

7C. Peer Comments:

Roxanne has the students first demonstrate the beginning, middle, and end parts of their dances to the class. Then, she has the students thoroughly explain what they enjoyed from the students’ dances and how they can make their dances better.

First Grade Lesson #7: Peer Comments

7D. Evaluate:

Roxanne emphasizes to the students to control and focus their bodies.

First Grade Lesson #7: Evaluate

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