Literacy Integration – 7

7A. Introduction:

Students get a chance to practice the dances they make they will then choose their favorite dance from each group and combine all the great dances moves together.

Second Grade Lesson #7: Introduction

7B. Summary Dance:

Students practice how to dance.

Second Grade Lesson #7: Summary Dance

7C. Practice Group Dance:

The students learn about the “snake theme “dance move then practice this move. Students get a chance to present unique group movements in front of the class.

Second Grade Lesson #7: Practice Group Dance

7D. Groups Working on Dance:

The students demonstrate their group dance to the teacher. Students get a chance to practice writing drawing their ideas down, then applying their ideas into a dance move. The teacher gives the students some feedback on their performance.

Second Grade Lesson #7: Groups Working on Dance

7E. Teachers Comments Group Dance:

Each group of students had a chance to show the other students their group dance. After the students perform the dance, the teacher discusses the strategy students used in their dance.

Second Grade Lesson #7: Teachers Comments Group Dance

7F. Wrap-Up:

The teacher does a little wrap up exercise where she briefly talks about what they will be doing next week.

Second Grade Lesson #7: Wrap-Up

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