Literacy Integration – 8

8A. Introduction:

Students learn how to show their emotions through different actions (instead of talking). The teacher mentions that she hopes the students learn about their own dances in the future. Students get a chance to design their own costumes.

Second Grade Lesson #8: Introduction

8B. Showing Main Idea of Each Dance:

Students get in charge to show different moves to each other in which the other students have to follow their leader’s moves.

Second Grade Lesson #8: Showing Main Idea of Each Dance

8C. Group Practice Drawing Costumes:

Students practice to design their costumes for the dance.

Second Grade Lesson #8: Group Practice Drawing Costumes

8D. Group Dance:

Students learn to introduce their dance to the other students by expressing their feelings and story through dance. The students also explain the choice of their costumes to the other students.

Second Grade Lesson # 8: Group Dance

8E. Evaluate:

The teacher provides comments on the students’ dance.

Second Grade Lesson # 8: Evaluate

8F. Wrap-Up:

Students express what they think about this class and what they have learned through dance moves.

Second Grade Lesson # 8: Wrap-Up

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