Literacy Integration – 3

3A. Warm up:

The teaching artist, Roxanne Rojas introduces the differences between low, middle, high and the highest through different movements.

Second Grade Lesson #3: Warm Up

3B. Vocabulary:

Students learn about different vocabularies such as “locomotor.” Roxanne Rojas also assigned homework to students, then allowed them to identify the difference between the words, “locomotor” and “axial” through different verbs.

Second Grade Lesson #3: Vocabulary

3C. Modeling:

Roxanne starts the class by reviewing the differences between the words: highest, high, middle, low and lower to the students. They review the differences of the words, by acting as different animals, which allows them to better understand the differences.

Second Grade Lesson #3: Modeling

3D. Guided Practice:

Students get a chance to discuss and share their ideas through demonstrating and communicating. Two children are chosen and they need to share their move in front of the whole class. Roxanne provides them with a script so that they can learn to communicate in complete sentences.

Second Grade Lesson #3: Guided Practice

3E. Debrief and Evaluation:

The teacher emphasizes when students are focused they are actually do a better job in class.

Second Grade Lesson #3: Debrief and Evaluation

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