Grade 2 Dance, Lesson 5

Time: Beat and Rhythm

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5A. Warm Up Routine:

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #5: Warm Up Routine

5B. Warm Up Review: Students review pathways, feelings, and reference the alphabet.

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #5: Warm Up Review

5C. Modeling Beat Rhythm Accent: 

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #5: Modeling Beat Rhythm Accent

5D. Guided Practice Find the Beat: Students listen to Latin, ballad, and popular music and tap the beats with their hands.

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #5: Guided Practice Find the Beat

5E. Modeling Guided Practice Accent Game: The teacher adds the term ‘accent’ to the concepts of beat and rhythm.

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #5: Modeling Guided Practice Accent Game

5F. Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down:

Grade 2 Dance Lesson #5: Guided Practice Freeze Dance and Cool Down

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