Grade 2 Theatre, Lesson 4

Lesson 4: Voice: Speaking with Intent

Curtain Up!!!

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Objective: Students will improvise vocal techniques to effectively communicate character and objective through appropriate use of pitch, volume, projection, and diction.

4A. Warm up:

Students go through their full warm-up sequence with physical motion, vocalization, tongue twisters, diaphragm exercise, and the name game.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #4: Warm up [06:01 minute Video]

4B. Modeling:

Students present their homework for “where are you?” to the teaching artist. Their gestures are to communicate the setting of their action with no vocalization. Students represent chefs, clowns at a circus, and beachgoers. The teaching artist offers focused commentary on establishing authenticity by engaging the imagination to depict what they would encounter in reality (e.g. not walking through a stove!).

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #4: Modeling [6:59 minute Video]

4C. Guided Practice:

The teaching artist works with the students to stage “The Tortoise and the Hare” in a call and response style where the teacher reads the story and students use their bodies, faces, and voices to depict each segment of the story.

The teaching artist reads the story, discusses the context of the story, the plot, the problem, the setting, and the actual and potential characters. In planning a staging of the piece, students are assigned character or environmental roles and are directed throughout how to accomplish their various goals to communicate the story.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #4: Guided Practice [14:41 minute Video]

4D. Debriefing and Evaluation:

The teaching artist reviews with the class the challenge of achieving focus and silence while performing. They also address the need to clarify for the audience the balance of listening to the reading vs. watching the action.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #4: Debriefing and Evaluation [2:15 minute Video]

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