Grade 2 Theatre, Lesson 5

Lesson 5: Retelling Stories: Story Mapping

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words! #1

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Objective: Students will identify story elements from familiar stories: characters, plot (beginning, middle and end), conflict (problem), and resolution (solution) and create story maps.

5A. Homework Review:

Students show their performane homework and use their bodies, faces, and voices to perform “The Tortoise and the Hare” as their classroom teacher reads the story. The teaching artist offers commentary about how to clean-up the performance and sharpen its effectiveness. Examples include being specific, using volume, and counting exactly how many movements/vocalizations to perform.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #5: Homework Review [06:01 minute Video]

5B. Vocabulary:

The teaching artist reviews the term pantomime with the students and adds the term tableau (a frozen picture). He works with student volunteers to represent a tableau of a baseball game. The tableau eventually moves, which becomes pantomime. The teaching artist discusses the potentials of using tableau.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #5: Vocabulary [6:10 minute Video]

5C. Modeling:

The teaching artist works with the students in the context of artist and clay (or creator and doll). One student will model/mold/shape the other student into a pose, creating a single-person tableau. The clip shows how students practice this concept.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #5: Modeling [4:12 minute Video]

5D. Debriefing and Evaluation:

The teaching artist explains how the students will invent their own secret tableau to perform for the next class meeting.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #5: Debriefing and Evaluation [2:08 minute Video]

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