Grade 2 Theatre, Lesson 6

Lesson 6: Retelling Stories: Character Study 

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words! #2

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Objective: Students will demonstrate understanding of characterization by performing improvisations and writing a clear character analysis.

6A. Warm up:

The classroom teacher leads the students in their warm up with teaching artist, Mike Sears, prompting as needed. Another warm up technique is introduced where students send each other a “zap” of energy, involving their body and their voices.  They have to sustain their vocalization by controlling their breathing. They have to listen carefully to the prompt and react with speed.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #6: Warm up [12:36 minute Video]

6B. Modeling & Vocabulary:

Students present their homework–presenting tableau and pantomime. Their presentations include acting out the watching of a movie, warming by a fire, and impersonating rock-and-roll musicians.

The teaching artist reviews the concepts of tableau and pantomime, emphasizing what these two concepts feature in communication to an audience.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #6: Modeling & Vocabulary [ 3:07 minute Video]

6C. Guided Practice:

The teaching artist helps students apply the concept of tableau to the story “The Three Little Pigs” by having them depict the story in a series of tableaux. He reads the story and discusses the possible scenes with them, and has them demonstrate some possibilities. They have to transition quickly and efficiently between the different scenes to establish clarity for the audience. The emphasis is on keeping focus as these transitions happen.

Option: Take pictures of students for self and group assessment – always a fun thing for students to see themselves.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #6: Guided Practice [8:44 minute Video]

6D. Debriefing and Evaluation:

The teaching artist reviews the tableau activity and discusses the importance for focus during the exercise.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #6: Debriefing and Evaluation [0:32 minute Video]

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