Grade 2 Theatre, Lesson 8

Retelling Stories: Dramatization

My Lips Are Sealed

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  • Students will dramatize the elements of a story: setting, character, plot, conflict, and resolution from a story map.
  • Students will discuss and assess own performance and discuss improvements for performance.

8A. Warm up:

Students warm up with variations of exercises where they react to a prompt for a gesture–they succeed by reacting quickly. They also warm up with a breathing exercise in competition with a partner (to see who doesn’t need to take a breath before the other person).

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #8: Warm up [08:52 minute Video]

8B. Modeling and Guided Practice:

Students work through a staging of “Little Red Riding Hood” as their classroom teacher reads the story.  Students depict various scenes in segments.  The teaching artist then works with the class in each scene to talk about directorial choices and enhancements for the actors and the audience.  They move through tableau, pantomime, and vocalization.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #8: Modeling and Guided Practice [29:14 minute Video]

8C. Guided Practice:

Same as excerpt above.

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #8: Guided Practice [24:20 minute Video]

8D. Debriefing and Evaluation:

The class discusses plans to perform the piece that they have been rehearsing for a visiting class–an audience for their efforts!

Grade 2 Theatre Lesson #8: Debriefing and Evaluation [1:16 minute Video]

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