Register to participate in iClicker activities

Before you can participate in iClicker activities, you need to make sure you have a remote and/or account set up.

There are two iClicker options for instructors to choose from: Classic and Cloud.

With either option, instructors may 1) require that you use a physical iClicker remote, 2) require that you use the mobile app or web-based interface instead of a physical remote, or 3) they may let you choose to use either or both options at your convenience.

Before you can register, you need to know:

  1. Is your instructor using iClicker Classic or iClicker Cloud?
  2. Does your instructor require you to use a physical remote, mobile or web-based application, or do they let you choose to use whichever you prefer?

You might have multiple classes using iClicker and if your instructors have different answers to these questions, you may need to follow both registration processes below to ensure that you can participate in all of your classes.

iClicker Cloud

If your instructor is using the iClicker Cloud software to run their iClicker activities, then every student (including those are are using remotes) will need to set up a (free) Reef account:

  1. Visit to login to an iClicker Reef account or create a new account
  2. Click the + icon in the upper-right to add a class
  3. Click University of California Irvine (you may need to search for UCI first)
  4. Search for your course using the course or instructor name
  5. Make sure the course information is correct (tip: check the meeting dates and times to make sure it's not the same course from a different quarter, or a different section other than the one in which you are enrolled) and press Add This Course

If your instructor requires or allows the option for you to use a physical iClicker remote (and you choose to do so), you'll also need to add your remote ID to your profile.

  1. After you've set up your account and joined your class, click on the menu icon in the upper-left and open your account profile
  2. Click Register remote and follow the instructions on your screen to register your physical iClicker remote with your iClicker Reef account

Note: You do not need to purchase a Reef subscription if you are using a physical iClicker remote; you just need to set up a free account and add the remote to your profile. A subscription is only required if you will be participating using the mobile app or web interface.

iClicker Classic

Using iClicker remotes

All models of iClickers work with the base stations installed in UCI's General Assignment Classrooms; we recommend iClicker 2. While iClicker 1 models are supported, please note that some instructors may choose to ask short-answer questions (as opposed to multiple choice questions, which are more common), for which iClicker 1 devices are not suitable.

You can use iClicker 1, iClicker +, iClicker 2, or (if your instructor allows it) you can use the 'Reef' mobile application instead of a physical device (while the physical devices have a purchase cost, Reef has a subscription fee; the best price depends on the circumstances; for instance, some vendors bundle the remotes with a 6 month Reef subscription).

The UCI Bookstore sells new iClicker 2 remotes. Used versions of all models are available from various online sources.

Find your remote ID


Your remote ID is located on a barcode on the back side of the clicker. If the barcode is missing, on the older models you should be able to find it in the battery compartment. On the iClicker 2, the number shows on the screen when you power on the clicker.

Share remotes

It is possible for more than one person to use the same iClicker remote, as long as they are not in the same class at the same time. If your classes don’t overlap, you can trade off using the clicker. Each person using the clicker must register it.

Change remote frequency

iClickers use radio frequency to collect responses via base station installed in classrooms. OIT staff preset the base station frequencies to prevent interference.

iClicker 2 remotes store & display the last frequency on the screen when powered on.

iClicker+ remotes store the last frequency and the lights next to the letter keys will light up in sequence when the remote is powered on (it can be tough to notice).

iClicker 1 remotes default to the AA frequency each time they are powered off/on.

Your iclicker frequency must match the base station in your classroom in order for your response to be counted. Look for a sticker on the lectern at the front of the room to find that room's frequency.

You must be near an active base station to change frequencies.

To change the frequency on any iclicker remote:

  1. Press and hold the power (on/off) button until something blinks (on iClicker 2 it will be the displayed frequency, on iClicker 1 and +, it will be the vote status light).
  2. While the indicator is blinking, press the letter buttons for the appropriate frequency (e.g. 'AA').
  3. You should then see either a check mark on the screen (iClicker 1), or the vote status light will flash green.

Answer polls

When an instructor starts an iClicker poll, a toolbar will open on the screen and display the time either counting up or down depending on your instructor's settings.

Responses are only counted while a poll is active/open. You can change your answer while a poll is open; the last answer you submit before the poll is closed will be the one that is counted.

When you submit your answer, you should see an indication that your vote was received (on iClicker 1 and +, a green light will flash; if the light is red, your vote was not counted; on iClicker 2 you will see a check mark on the screen).


We generally recommend brand-name batteries (e.g. Energizer, Rayovac, Eveready) for iClicker remotes.

Duracell and some generic brand batteries may cause issues due to a slight difference in dimensions that prevents them from making solid contact with the positive battery terminal in the remote.

Good batteries should last for roughly 200 hours of class time.

Using the mobile app or website

Subscription options

You do not need a subscription if you are going to participate in iClicker activities using a physical iClicker remote. You only need a subscription if you will be participating without a remote, through the mobile app or web-based interface.

Current subscription pricing can be found on

Some vendors also offer package deals combining a physical iClicker remote with a reduced-rate subscription.

The most affordable option varies; if you are in a course or program where you can expect to use a physical iClicker remote routinely, then purchasing the remote may be more cost effective over time than the subscription. On the other hand, if you don't expect to use iClickers consistently throughout your academic career (for instance, if you're in just one class that's using this), then the subscription may be more affordable for you.

Find & add courses

Before your can participate in iClicker polls via Reef, you need to find and join the appropriate class(es):

  1. Open the Reef app
  2. Click the + sign in the upper-right corner of the Courses screen
  3. Verify that your institution is shown as UC Irvine or if you are prompted for your institute, type "Irvine" to bring up a menu where you should be able to select UC Irvine
  4. Search by either the course title or instructor name

  5. Confirm the course details (including start/end dates) and click Add this course

Wifi connection tips

Mobile devices tend to try to hold on to the connection to an access point as long as possible. To ensure that you have the strongest wifi signal in the classroom, we suggest that you toggle your device's wifi off, wait 5-10 seconds, and then turn it back on so that you connect to the closest access point.

Answer polls

  1. Make sure you have a good wifi signal
  2. Open the mobile app on your phone or tablet, or visit from any web browser (laptop), and find your class
  3. Once your instructor launches the iClicker app, you should see a button to join the session.
  4. You should see a checked-in screen until the instructor asks a Clicker question
  5. Once the instructor asks a question, submit your response and make sure the app shows that your answer was received

If you turn off your phone between checking in an answering questions, or between questions, you'll see a Reconnecting screen for a few seconds.

Something is wrong - Help!

Use our troubleshooting tool to diagnose common iClicker issues. If you don't find your answer through the form, submit at the end to send all the relevant details we need in order to investigate and help you as quickly as possible.

Use the iClicker Student Troubleshooting Tool