Faculty and Guest Speakers

The Summer School will be taught by a number of experts in the field of computational cognitive modeling.

Bob French, CNRS, University of Burgundy, France (lead organizer)
Stephan Lewandowsky, University of Bristol, UK (co-organizer)
Klaus Oberauer, University of Zurich, Switzerland (co-organizer)
Jörg Rieskamp, University of Basel, Switzerland
Simon Farrell, University of Western Australia, Australia
Amy Criss, Syracuse University
Casimir Ludwig, University of Bristol, UK
Gordon Brown, University of Warwick, UK
Christopher Donkin, University of New South Wales, Australia
Arndt Bröder, University of Mannheim, Germany

Guest speaker

Simon Thorpe
Professor Simon Thorpe has been a leader in the development of spiking-neuron models of cognition, in particular, arguing for nearly two decades that these models can explain how the brain does ultrafast image recognition. He is a CNRS research director and head of the Brain and Cognition Research Centre (CerCo) at the University of Toulouse in southern France. Thorpe’s work, relying as it does on real neurobiological constraints, provides a perfect illustration of the theoretical-empirical give-and-take that occurs in real modeling.