Costa Rica Research Symposium 2015: Success!

Attendees gather around Ceci's presentation on education in Costa Rica.

The participants of the Costa Rica Program for 2015 studied a range of topics from animal migration to education, sustainable structures to health standards. Indeed, the bulk of the academic credit for the Costa Rica Program is awarded based on the research conducted in country. It is hardly surprising then that the team yielded vast sums of knowledge on a plethora of topics. These were all presented at the Costa Rica Program Research Symposium earlier this week, Monday, May 11th.

A Tremendous Success

Juanne presents her interactive display on the concept of war in a demilitarized country.
Juanne presents her interactive display on ‘war’ in demilitarized Costa Rica

For Anteaters not in the know, this was the fourth symposium hosted by the Costa Rica Program, corresponding to the age of the program itself. While I want to claim that this was by far the best symposium yet, I shall instead humbly pronounce it a tremendous success. New to this year was a brief presentation from our friends with Students for Global Peacebuilding who also ventured to Costa Rica for the duration of spring break, albeit with an itinerary almost entirely different. Also new, of course, were the subjects of research and a whole host of memories and reflections unique to our personal experiences in country. Friends, family, staff, and our stakeholders showed up in hordes to support the program and many went home with a greater understanding of both the program and the learning that it has facilitated. We are grateful for the support and trust that it was a worthwhile experience for all in attendance!

Informative & Entertaining

Program participants worked especially hard to share experiences and learning through unique and entertaining means. This included integrating audio visual components, crafting elaborate presentation materials and engaging directly with audiences. Check out this video, composed by Blaine Valencia, summarizing the trip:



On Composing an Event Complete with Compost

Symposium composting sign.
As we’re always looking to practice what we preach composting was a big deal!

Symposium for 2015 featured quite the feast. If the quality of food can be judged by how fast it disappears then it can only be said that catering did an excellent job with the Costa Rican inspired fare! This year, in accordance with our emphasis on sustainability, UCI Student Center & Event Services was able to provide full composting, meaning our event was finally able to achieve zero waste! Minimal waste is something that the program has strode for every year but 2015 was the first we were finally able to reduce waste to zero! It is only in collaboration with program directors and UCI Student Center & Event Services, that participants were able to make this event a reality and everyone’s work is much appreciated.

Thanks Again!

Once more, thanks to all attendees, to our stakeholders, all that helped make this event possible and to everyone that continues to follow the progress of the Costa Rica Program, in 2015 and into the future. Please stay tuned for further blog updates from this year’s program as well as the Dining Night Fair outside Pippin Commons next Thursday, May 21st.