Alumni Statistics

Q & A with our Alumni Superstars! 

Participant Name: Diana Alatorre

Year in CRP: 2014 & 2015

Q: What is the most valuable thing that you got from the program?

A: Friendship!

Q: What experiences did you seek after this program?

A: Joined Peace Corps (Nicaragua 2016-2018) after graduation, currently working for DHS at an office of asylum, starting graduate school this fall for either Global Development with a concentration in sustainable livelihoods at Emory University, or Sustainable International Development at Brandeis University with a concentration in Environmental Conservation.

Participant Name: Cesar Armas

Year in CRP: 2014 & 2015

Q: What were your goals going into the program and how did they change along the trip?

A: I didn’t really set goals. I wanted to gain insight into this Latin American culture and see how they interact with their government while also looking at how they are able to reduce their carbon footprint. I think all of those goals were things I had in mind and things that I also gained throughout the program.

 Q: What did you do your research on and, what were the results?

Whether or not the farm owners and the public believe the government supports sustainable practices and how. The results showed two different perspectives. Sustainable farm owners and the owner of the National Wildlife Refuge believe the government supports them by giving them financial incentives to develop sustainable practices. While other citizens in the small town of Mastatal had a different perspective in which the government restricts a lot of what they can do depending if plants/wildlife are endangered despite owning the property.


Participant Name: Emily Barragan

Year in CRP: 2018

Q: Why did you initially decide to join the CRP program? 

A: I wanted to learn how to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and how other communities/nations tackle this topic.

Q: How are community and sustainability represented in your daily life?

A: I try to carry reusable utensils and straws on my person whenever I go out, and I am vegan. I hope that my actions can influence those around me. An example of this is that, with gentle encouragement, my roommates have decided to stop buying cow’s milk

Alumni Action


  • 4 Alumni selected for the Peace Corps
  • 1 Alum working with AmeriCorps building capacity for Local Governments to address climate change and sustainability issues all over the State of California
  • 2 Alumni worked on WOOFing farms in Asia and Europe
  • 2 Alumni returned to Costa Rica for sustainable agriculture internships
  • 1 Alum started a sustainable food business
  • 5 Alumni have served as the Resident Advisor for the Global Sustainability Hall

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