Hi there! My name is Aly and I am a 3rd year Urban Studies and Educational Sciences double major with a minor in Global Sustainability.

Being a student at one of the most innovative sustainable campuses, with its green energy and eco-friendly transportation programs, water conservation efforts, and sustainability-related academics and student activities, has helped me establish a strong foundation in developing a lifetime of behaviors that foster healthy environments and social justice.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to intern with the nonprofit, Straw Free, an organization committed to promoting a plastic-free lifestyle through the elimination of single-use plastic straws. Through this organization, I’ve had invaluable experience in building awareness of plastic waste through educational and outreach materials and through the development of alternative solutions including bamboo straws! I am also a member of Theta Psi, the Nation’s First Professional Sustainability Fraternity. Theta Psi has been a group that has empowered individuals like myself to believe in the potential of a community to be leaders and change makers. These two organizations have surrounded me with people who’ve committed their lives to the wellness of others and who live to fight for what they believe in, and I hope to do the same!