My experiences with sustainability education has stemmed back as far as my freshman year in high school when I volunteered for Shipley Nature Center. Through my years of commitment there, I crystallized my love for ecology-related issues and continued to learn and advocate for sustainable lifestyle alternatives through college. At UCI, I was a participant in the SISL program and I am currently serving as a member of Earth Reps. In addition to this, I volunteer at Children’s Hospital Orange County in the emergency room and also with Epilepsy Support Network Orange County in child care. I also work at the Disability Services Center as a student assistant!

In a perfect world, I would graduate from UCI, complete a post baccalaureate medical program, attend medical school at UCI, Oregon Health & Science University, or Louisiana State University New Orleans, complete a residency in pediatric emergency medicine, and work in underserved communities. The intersection between my studies and sustainability is construed through my concern for the general well beings of humans resulting from multifactorial conditions. For example, considering extrinsic factors such as air pollution, overcrowding, and extreme weather conditions, all these attributes impacts the way an individual can live and function. Through self awareness and extrospective mindfulness, it can be possible to better our community’s health through changing the societal zeitgeist to create a convenience culture centric around sustainable alternatives.

One way that I like to live sustainably while not having to give up my love for (hoarding) fashion is through thrifting. I love thrifting because not only am I able to find unique pieces, but I am able to support independent businesses, reduce environmental pollution, support humane work conditions/discourage fast fashion, and promote landfill diversion. Repurposing furniture/clothes from the swap meet or finding $3 vinyls at my local thrift store is so morally satisfying and keeps my wallet alive.

I have a fire for traveling and undying love for sustainability and being able to combine it in Costa Rica is going to be the most incredible experience. In addition to having road tripped to most of the states in the United States, I have visited 27 countries (numerous times, too) and I am so excited to add Costa Rica to that list. I can’t wait to embark on this journey with the CRP team! I believe that my skill sets of being observational and taking a humanistic approach to everything will be especially helpful when needing to balance team skill sets and find new, creative outlooks with the CRP team.