Hello! My name Is Angel and I am a first year chemical engineering transfer. I come from a small city where the population is almost all Hispanic, so Spanish has always been a part of my life and always will be. One of the things that I liked about UCI is the diversity that is present here, as it is something I have never really experienced before.

I live in one of the sustainability themed house in Student Housing; this has made it easy for me to practice a green lifestyle.

Other than my coursework I do independent research at UCI creating thin film insulation for satellites in order to regulate temperature up in space and reduce the cost of maintaining satellite health. Eventually I want to do research in finding uses for CO2 whether its using it to create sustainable plastics or reusing it in a way to create energy. I believe that by using one of the most notorious greenhouse gases to benefit humanity rather the slowly destroy it will be one of the most important advances in science.

I applied to the Costa Rica program because I liked the idea of learning more about sustainability which I am passionate about. The opportunity to immerse myself in a culture similar yet so different and unique from the Hispanic culture I know excites me. I can’t wait to go and tell you all about it!