Hi! My name is Aryan and I am a first year Business Administration Major at the University of California, Irvine. My parents were both Iranian Immigrants and I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Growing up around the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley as well as seeing my parents living the American Dream inspired me to enter the business field.

Since a young age, I have loved interacting with people. Whether it be teaching Martial Arts at my local Dojo, coaching a 3rd grade flag football team, or selling Massagers in Costco, I’m always trying to improve my communication skills and work with others. My time as a Boy Scout allowed me to develop further develop these skills as well as develop my appreciation for the environment and my understanding of how to preserve it.

Here at UCI, I want to combine my love of business with my passion for sustainability and see how the two are interrelated. I have been fortunate enough to be an ASUCI Sustainability Project Commission Intern, an Earth Reps Intern, and a member of the Marketing Association, where I have been able to do just that. Through my business classes at the Merage School of Business, I have learned that these two concepts are not only interrelated, but also dependent on each other. Businesses cannot thrive indefinitely without a thriving planet. I hope to use my time here at UCI to further my grasp on how businesses can operate sustainably and to find real, viable solutions to the issues caused by climate change.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity to be a part of the Costa Rica Program! I cannot wait to experience a new culture and to view sustainability through a new lens. I am eager to learn about sustainability on a global scale and to begin my research on ecotourism. I hope to improve my skills as a leader and as a communicator to have a positive impact on UCI and the community. Fostering a sustainable culture begins with people, so I look forward to hearing the Costa Rican people’s perspectives on the impacts ecotourism has had on their country and on the world